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True Colours | True Colors
Mind-warping art-science live artwork by Casey Jenkins

OPENING - April 5th, 6-9pm
April 5- April 18, Weds-Sat, 12-5pm
Day Opening Event- April 6th, 12pm
Dark Horse Experiment Gallery - 33 Dudley st. West Melbourne

A new mind altering, body modification, transformative, durational performance artwork by Casey Jenkins (Sh) in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Marc Seal of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

How fixed are our perceptions and our prejudices? For two weeks in a make-shift gallery lab, Jenkins will undertake intense live perceptual training to morph her mind with the goal of perceiving previously imperceptible hues and developing synesthesia.
True Colours | True Colors is the first of a series of investigations into the malleability of the mind’s eye, how our perceptions corrupt in a media-saturated age and what impact this has on our attitudes and beliefs. By creating new, arbitrary language categories and associations and drilling them into her brain, Jenkins aims to warp her perceptions and change the way she views the world. Monitored by MRI scans with the support of neuroscientist, Dr. Marc Seal of the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre, True Colours | True Colors draws on the rich oeuvre of body-modification artwork but explores new territory as the body part being modified is the brain.

True Colours | True Colors is the first exhibition to be held in Dark Horse Experiment’s new West Melbourne Gallery, 33 Dudley st.
Fully accessible space (access via cobblestone alleyway)

Many thanks to the generous support of - Dr. Marc Seal and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Dr Greg Wadley of Melbourne University, The City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.