‘memory of my home'

Artist: Avan Anwar

Opening night: Friday, 8 June
Exhibition dates: 8 - 23 June
Gallery Hours: Wednesday- Saturday, 12 - 5pm

Dark Horse Experiment presents 'Memory of My Home', a solo exhibition by Avan Anwa. 

Artist Statement

In my work Memory of my home everything has transformed into ash, showing the destruction of individual’s identity constructed by a specific ethnic and cultural setting. This identity is in jeopardy due to ethnic tension and conflict at my homeland (Kurdistan). The grey colour of the ash symbolises melancholy and sorrow after the destruction of such identities by antagonistic forces and commit genocide. My personal experience with war and displacement is reflected in this work and the events are still fresh in my memory. They have become vivid images surfaced symbolically and metaphorically in my work. The images have manifested in two physical elements: fabric and ash. The pieces of fabric signify culture, which are hung and each piece by itself characterises individuality. I intend to show how everything has elements of permanence and temporality. The permanent element represents universality of forms, while temporality represents change and decaying inflict all individual instances in the world of material existence. Change or rather perishing of individual instances is seen as negative and destructive.