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OPENING NIGHT: Friday 12th August

LOCATION: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St
EXHIBITION RUNS: Wednesday 12-27 August

OPENING HOURS: 12pm-5pm, Wed- Sat

Dark Horse Experiment presents Intervention, a photographic series by Jim Gurr. Captured in Paris and surrounding suburbs in December 2015, the month following the Paris attacks, this exhibition explores the unrest of a lost metropolis and the lone wanderers passing through.

Intervention presents a series of linear photographs read as a disjointed strip of film, tangible and comfortably scaled. The pairing of photographs within the show allows Gurr to create unnerving contrasts between light and dark, nature and constructed, safety and the unknown.

Intervention further unsettles with a consuming installation where physical illumination alludes to imminent movement - subverting familiarity. Accompanied by a soundscape of oscillating threat and calm. Stillness is self-animated, light and nature disturbed and threat detonates disorientation.

This exhibition marks the first solo exhibition by Jim Gurr. A creative culmination of Cinema and Landscape Architecture studies, previous works being selected for film festivals and exhibited at the NGV Ian Potter Gallery. The installation integrally scored by frequent collaborator Elizabeth McMillan who studied composition under Keiko Fuji.

‘Isolation can be liberating, where freedom and possibility seem boundless. But the line is already drawn. Wandering clueless in the afterglow of horror. Known landscapes and locations are now disoriented and lost.

Where light guides and darkness beckons, does nature embrace? The constructed intimidate? Venture through comfort and fear. Neither light nor dark. Beyond comfortable illusions to find the beauty of desolation.’

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