UpComing Exhibition:


OPENING: 20th November 2015 6pm-9pm
EXHIBITION: 21st - 24th November 2015


This exhibition is about painting. 

'I don’t really know why I paint. I just want to paint everything, all the time. It’s become an obsession, my life, my profession, it defines me as a person to an extent. Something happens when you paint this much, the focus shifts from content to detail, the process itself becomes more interesting and important than the finished result. You become intrigued by the creative side of painting more so than technique, and naturally, abstraction takes over, as it embodies the true essence of that creative process. Eachpainting is born out of chaos, a smudge, a stroke, then gradually it grows, changes, and shifts, forms created and destroyed, until it becomes something. This something is achieved through finding a balance, a balance between the abstract and the figurative, through various techniques, the planned and the spontaneous, the emotional and the conceptual, through composition, colours etc. A myriad of influences gets thrown in, from everything that I’ve been taught in art school to painting on the streets, some on purpose, but mostly subconsciously. 

This creative process is the conceptual core of this body of works. I want my paintings to be bold, brave and loud, or soft and gentle, whatever, without dictating to the viewer what it is and what it is not. That privilege should always be rested with the viewer. Art should be a personal experience, free from rules and categories, always open for interpretations. It should trigger emotions, and draw reactions, and make you consider the possibilities.'