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NITE ART WED 23 JULY 2014 from 6pm


23 july 2014 6pm onward






dark horse experiment




Sebastian Fransz


So anyway.

Look at the wall. The wall has been built. Soon, it will be un-built. There is someone’s dried spit sitting partially over the last loop on a tag someone else did two years ago. The tag is black. The black spray paint fits over the texture of the brick. There is mortar between the bricks, which is made from sand, cement and water. The wall is made from spit, spray paint, bricks and mortar.
Steps out onto the street. Full of intention. Today is this day, and another one is coming after that.

Wood is trees. Cut wood is dead trees. Paper is pulverised trees. Charcoal is tree-derived carbon, which is bound with gum. Art is when various adulterated and mutilated elements are forced to hang around with one another.

How did it begin? With an explosion. How will it end?
The wall has been knocked down. The chips are spraying.
Something else will happen later, and it will probably be violent.


'With Contributions from Blender studios and associated artists'


nite art at dark horse