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OPENING NIGHT: Friday 23rd September

LOCATION: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St
EXHIBITION RUNS: 24th Sep - 8th Oct

OPENING HOURS: 12pm-5pm, Wed- Sat

Combining installation and large scale drawings, Dark Horse Experiment presents: 'Construction Lines - Enter at Your Own Risk!' an exhibition by Jo Harrison which depicts transitional structural situations, and explores the way that the individual interacts with them. 

With a background involving dance and architecture, Jo has been exploring urban environments worldwide, observing and documenting the constant flux and cyclical scenarios prevalent in cities.

Using a stage-set idea in the guise of a construction site, the viewer is invited to become an intrinsic part of the artwork, interacting with the piece and animating it through their presence; the shadows and light will change depending on the movement within the space - static when devoid of people.

There is no conclusion, just construction.

jo harrison dark horse experiment