UpComing Exhibition:

Opening Friday 17 OCT from 6pm


Exhibition 17th OCt - 8th NOV 2014





"pyramids and labyrinths"







Pyramids and Labyrinths is Tim Sterling's first solo exhibition in Melbourne since returning from a three month Australia Council for the Arts studio residency in Paris. During his stay he researched barricade construction throughout Paris' various revolutions. These constructions often re-occurred in similar areas using similar techniques despite gaps in time of up to 100 years or more.


Charles Tilly describes these demonstrations as part of a 'repertoire of collective action' – 'the array of all protest techniques available at a given place and time' – improvised at each occurrence.


Sterling’s installation follows this interest of narrative in architecture as both a conceptual and physical space. Re-imagined as a three-dimensional page, various objects are dotted throughout the gallery. Walking through the maze-like space the objects encountered appear physically unstable, reflecting and distorting their surroundings.