A solo show by Simon Crosbie

Opening Night, Friday 5th October 6-9pm
Exhibitions runs Sat 6th Oct - Sat 27th Oct
Gallery Hours Weds-Sat, 12pm-5pm

Please join us for the opening night of Simon Crosbie's solo exhibition 'Trauma/Pre-Trauma'.

"I see clothing as a metaphor for human actions and wool as a tactile and familiar medium that evokes memory. This is a biographical piece based on experiences at a Catholic boarding school and the consequences that follow. Abuse often exists behind the pretense of nurture. The exaggerated length of the sleeves point to growth impeded by the past, and to the present where the effects of trauma can never be fully exorcised. The raincoats point to the presence of the perpetrator as protector. I have attempted to play with notions of the unheimlich, as well as reflecting on Catholicism as an institution that is replete with images that aestheticize pain and suffering." - Simon Crosbie

Simon Crosbie installation exhibition